The casino way to protect the environment!

Online casinos are flourishing in these times where it is not safe for people to step out of their homes. Accessing an online casino is the easiest way for a person to enjoy his/her favourite casino games. Since the pandemic, people have resorted to these online platforms for playing casino games. With a few easy clicks of buttons, from cell phones or laptops, people can now enjoy playing games at ease.

With the increase in popularity of online casinos, they are also bringing up new games and strategies for a better user experience. Among these online casinos, Slothino is a special platform and stands out as it serves a very different purpose along with the games in it.

Online casino events provide a very environment viable way of playing games. It puts forward a modern, sustainable approach to the traditional casino games. The site also gives a slow and steady approach towards events. Slothino also supports a great cause alongside its extravagant gaming experience.

With a sloth as their mascot, they bring about awareness with respect to the endangered animal. The site wants to put light on the danger the animal is facing and wants the player to be mindful of it. The site thus encourages the players to play an integral part in the conservation of the species while enjoying their casino games.

How Online and Offline Casinos differ and which one is better?

Online casinos are a great way to enjoy different games but, they also have a very distinctive feature when compared to their offline counterpart. Offline casinos are a huge hub for people to come in, party, and indulge in their way of passing time playing different gambling events. Thereby, casinos become a place of waste accumulation too. Although they often end up in landfills, and not in the posh area casinos are usually housed, the damage caused to the environment is massive.

Online casinos level out all of these issues. All casino events are available to play and are available anywhere and on any device. With the pandemic still ravaging the world, online casinos are also the only place casino-lovers can still keep their luck rolling.

Slothino as an online portal provides a lot of interesting and catchy casino events. It showcases a varied number of events that provide very interesting prizes and bonuses.

Their mascot, the sloth is one of the slowest animals in the world and faces the danger of extinction among many other animal species. The ever-changing climate shifts and man-made environment problems have caused the number of sloths to go down drastically. This is why the site has used a very cute Sloth as the face of their portal. Sloths are known to be very calm and chilled in nature, The site hence calls upon its players to follow the same relaxed way to play the games they have built in the site.

The portal aims to create awareness of the danger the species is facing and to enhance the conservation of species and the environment as a whole.

Games and bonuses

The site offers a varied number of promotions. It offers players a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to 150 Euros and provides 90 free spins. That is double the deposit. When the player levels up and joins the Super Sloth VIP Program, the site provides them with free spins and free money as bonus gifts. The site provides the option of playing events without placing bets if the person decides to get a feel of the events first. This allows the gamer to get a feel for the game first before placing a bet.

The site also hosts exclusive gatherings for players with high cash rewards. One exciting game is the “Book of Dead”. It is a very interesting experience. Once the slot spins, the graphics and audio give a feel of the Egyptian tombs. Another game is the “Gonzos Quest”. The storyline shows a traveler who follows and tries to discover hidden treasures. Overall, it is a fun place to be and you wouldn’t be missing the crowded casinos much as you enjoy all your favorite games online. And the best part, you will be safe from Covid-19 and the boring lockdowns will be much easier to pass!