How to Operate Those Tricky Slot Machines

Slot machines make up the majority of games at a casino. You’ll see them wall to wall. They are brightly colored and lit up to draw you in. You will frequently hear them going off when someone wins. Slots have the worst odds in the casino, meaning the house usually wins. They are fun because you can bet a little and win big. Just know, there’s a really high chance that you’ll lose. If you’re new to slot machines, they can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s take a look at how they operate.

The Basics

When you are searching for the best slot, you’ll notice that every machine has an amount of money on it. You’ll see $1, $5, a nickel, dime, or a quarter. That means how much a single payline costs. Choose the machine that best fits your budget.

Next, see how many paylines are available. This is important because on many machines with jackpots, you’ll have to bet the maximum. We will cover that later. You will see one payline or as many as nine lines. Each line costs the same amount. For instance, if you are on a quarter machine and bet one line your bet is 25 cents. If that machines has three paylines and you activate all of those lines, your bet is now 75 cents. So, after you’ve chosen your machine you’ll choose what payline you want to activate. The more you activate, the more you could win or lose. There will always be at least one line activated. To increase your bet, and chance of winning, you can activate more pay lines.

Earlier we mention a maximum bet. The most common max bets are two, three, and five. That means that you are playing all of the paylines either double, triple, or quintuple. Some jackpots are only activated if you play the max bet of that machine.

Each game will have its own reward system. Three cherries may be a jackpot on one machine and almost worthless on another. Before you play, check the worth of different combinations. The last thing you want is to think you’ve hit a jackpot, just to realize it isn’t worth much.

Online play

Now you know the basics of working the slot machines in a casino, but why stop there when you can play at home? Online casinos are very popular. You can hop on and play anytime. There games work similarly, but some of the wagering systems are different. Let’s take a look at NetEnt.

These online games are a little different. On their games, every line is activated. You choose how much you want to bet on each line. This is different from traditional casino slots, because you choose one bet amount that is the same for each line you activate. With NetEnt you can change the bet of each line. According to, this is a little over-complicated. There are different coin values and levels that you can change. Other than the wagering system, the game works like the other slots.

Now that you know to play slot machines, it’s time to get out there and win…hopefully. Remember, check the amount per bet and how many lines you’re playing. If you want a jackpot be sure to bet the max amount. Good luck.