The unpredictable world of Blackjack game!

I was sat playing a few hands of Texas Hold’em the other night and realised that I was bored. I was playing and enjoying the game, but I was very definitely bored.

It was a really weird realisation, mainly because I love playing cards. It’s not about the money as I normally play for very low amounts. I can have a whole night’s worth of playing and only have even put in less than a fiver. 

The thing I love about cards is the numbers. The percentages of any card hand winning can be calculated. The odds are pure maths and if your brain or app is fast enough, then you can play a very well informed hand.

Then the odds don’t always win and you have the whole element of luck, surprise, and just down-right fortune. There’s never been a game of cards which hasn’t excited me. From very early on in my life, I can remember playing snap, progressing to Uno and then onto the real card games. 

My folks would play Whist and New Market with me for hours on end. Our summers would revolve around a couple of games of Bridge in the evenings. Cards are one of the few things in my life which I have never grown out of. 

The games I play change and they seemed to have matured with me, up until I was happily playing Texas Hold’em. Cards had become part of my routine and I loved it.

There’s something reassuring about returning home from work and managing to unwind from all the troubles and tribulations of the office environment by grabbing your tablet and hitting the tables

If you’re anything like me then you should head straight to the casino and feel the joy of pure relaxation.

Then the other night came and I knew that I wanted a change. There was just something about Texas Hold’em which wasn’t grabbing my attention. It was all seeming very predictable and very much the same hands coming out time and again.

So I went old school and headed straight into the completely unpredictable world of BlackJack.

By using fewer cards per player, the possible combinations and permutations ramps up a notch. The rules on the dealer and the way that you get to play the game, ensures that it is never going to get boring.

Sitting with a 16 or 17 in your hand, you know that your heart is going to be beating a thousand times a second as the dealer’s cards are revealed. Any non-picture card will help. Anything lower than a six will almost guarantee you a win.

There are twenty cards in a pack of fifty-two which could help you out. Remove the two you already have on the table and there are odds of two-in-five. Any of those cards dropping in either of the dealer’s two cards is really good news.

It’s this excitement which made me move from Hold’em and run willing to BlackJack. I only play to have fun and I think I’ve found my new home.