5 Habits That’ll Boost Your Blackjack Winnings

Blackjack is one of the most popular in-demand casino games played by most casino enthusiasts from all around the world. It is also getting huge popularity in online casino India which adds much more to the gambling world since India has the second largest online market in the world. Everybody wants to boost their winnings in Blackjack but not everybody wins.

The one with proper winning strategy can beat the dealer and take the money home. So, to help you with that, here we present you 5 habits that you should master in order to boost your Blackjack winnings.

Master basic strategy of Blackjack

First, you need to study the basic strategy of Blackjack and separate yourself from other novice players. You have to make the use of a Strategy chart which is very helpful as it lays out proper possible moves depending on your current score and dealer’s card that is faced up.

For instance, if your score is 12 and the dealer’s up-card is 5, then your proper move is to stand which is clearly shown by the Strategy chart.

If you are a novice in Blackjack, you can make use of a Strategy chart which helps you to master basic strategy quickly.

Seek out the best rules of the game

There are different versions of Blackjack with slight difference in rules and house advantage. Just carefully look at the table of Blackjack as it provides important information.

It is always helpful if you know the table rules and the variant of Blackjack you are playing. It is equally essential to know about the house edge of the game.

There is an advantage if you seek out the version of Blackjack with the best rules and lower house edge possible. If you are looking for the best online betting site in India to play Blackjack with the best rules and lower house edge, then try Blackjack provided by Bet4Plus and send us your feedback.

blackjack winnings

Play with fewer decks of cards

Fewer decks of cards, if used in Blackjack, can help you understand the way Blackjack works faster. It is rare to find the online Blackjack game with a single deck of cards, but still, some Blackjack games are played with fewer decks than others.

Using fewer decks in Blackjack decreases the house edge and it is easier to have the record of dealt cards by counting the cards. This helps in increasing your winning odds.

So, being smart and playing Blackjack with fewer cards in live games is advantageous.

blackjack winnings

Have big gambling bankrolls

The amount of money that you separate only for gambling purpose is gambling bankroll. If you desire to play Blackjack you must have big bankroll.

It is not reasonable to desire gambling with little money. To win big, first you yourself must risk big. You need enough amount of bankroll to play sufficient hands of the game and to win more. Your edge is unlikely to begin without reasonable bankroll.

blackjack winnings

Try counting cards and be better in it

Counting cards doesn’t guarantee your winning but it can definitely improve your winning chances. Counting cards is not that difficult as you don’t need to remember each dealt card. All you need to do is make a rough guess about the presence of high cards and low cards that have not been dealt.

For example, if you know that most of the low cards have already been dealt, then there is a higher chance of getting high cards and blackjack. So, it’s a game of probability that you have to understand. But remember, counting cards doesn’t work in virtual Blackjack games where Random Number Generator software is used for shuffling.

By practicing the above mentioned habits, you can definitely enhance your Blackjack winnings. Think wise and play better.