The Best Types of Casino Bonus

If you are a regular online casino player, you are probably already familiar with the concept of a casino bonus. However, one thing you might not know is the key differences between the types of bonus, and which is the best value. Getting the most for your money is important, but it’s also vital to get an offer that suits your playing style. Keep reading for our guide on uk casino bonuses.

Different Bonus Types

Although there are many bonuses out there, they tend to fall within two primary categories. One is completely free, and the other is dependent on you making a deposit and spending some money. It would be easy to assume that free is best, but it’s not always the case – more on that later.

You will usually see a casino packaged as a deposit match or free spins, and sometimes an operator may offer both. It’s becoming more common to find a package that includes several bonus types, to encourage more deposits. This is especially true of new operators, who are launching with aggressive acquisition campaigns, promising the biggest and best offers.

Free Spins vs Deposit Match

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Getting something for free is great, and free spins are a great way to get started with a casino. They are fun, and a chance to play your favourite games for nothing, but, that’s about all. It’s very unlikely that you will win any cash from free spins, as they will be very low value, sometimes as low as 0.5p a spin.

It isn’t just about the value either, but the terms and conditions play a big part. Naturally, when giving you something for free, a casino will apply a number of rules. The main one being wagering requirements, making it even harder to win.

A deposit match, on the other hand, tends to be much more generous. When you’re willing to spend some of your own money, the offers become much more favourable. You can expect to have your deposit doubled, or sometimes even more. When comparing this to low value free spins, suddenly, the deposit match becomes the obvious choice.

Your Playing Style

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Of course, which bonus is best for you depends on your playing style. If you play for fun, deposit small amounts and just love a bonus, then something small or low value is just fine. However, if you’re a high-roller, free spins at 0.10p a pop is an insult.

Think about how much you want to spend and what you’re hoping to get out of your bonus before you choose one. One player’s idea of value can be very different to others, and it comes down to preference. Also be sure to always look at terms and conditions, taking into consideration the wagering requirements and other important details.

Ultimately, there is so much out there that you have the luxury of choice. There is no shortage of casino bonus, and operators are fighting for players. Because of this, you can shop around and ensure you’re finding the best deal.