From Bingo Halls to Online Bingo: The Evolution

How it all started? Bingo, also referred to as the game of chance is played with randomly drawn numbers and players match these numbers with those imprinted on their cards. The caller shouts loud the bingo numbers and might as well slide some bingo nicknames occasionally for some dose of fun. In the meantime, players would cover or mark the corresponding squares until they win. All or most of us might refer bingo games with old people pastime, however this game unfolds some mysteries that you are about to discover. Where, when, how? If these questions are pondering in your mind, then grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Bingo games as we know it today started in Italy in the 1500s as a National Lottery and at that time it was referred to as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. Quick fact. This lottery is still played by players every Saturday in Italy. Amazing, right? From Italy, it well on to spread in various countries namely in France where it was called ‘’ Le Lotto ‘’. In the 1800s, the Germans played an array of bingo versions and it was more for geared towards education: Mathematics and Spelling. Then, it peaked in North America in 1920s and was identified as ‘’beano’’. Some people states that it was first played at a Carnival at Atlanta, Georgia. During which an English man whose name was Edwin S. Lowe passed by and fell in love with the game. It is also whispered that someone might have inadvertently screamed ‘bingo’ instead of ‘beano’ which became the name used by Edwin. He then employed a math professor to upgrade the game for more various combinations in bingo cards. That’s how the bingo history unwinds.

Throughout the period since, the popularity of bingo increased, and it spread across the globe. According to history, it is said that bingo games was use for fundraising. A Catholic priest from Pennsylvania used bingo for raising church funds. The Bingo games helped to raise funds especially for the churches in financial problems. Then by 1934, approximately 10,000 bingo games were played on a weekly basis. That’s astounding!

Today, Bingo is extremely popular, this traditional game that was once played in Bingo Halls has now been swap with new technologies. The good old times where hundreds of people would gather in large halls for some epic bingo moments left room to bingo sites where people play in the comfort of their dwelling place. There are countless of bingo sites packed with top bingo rooms and games for the likes of the bingo fans. Bingo sites are more fun and easy since you can play according to your own schedule. Bingo Extra is the perfect example. It has some mind-blowing games that will captivate a wide range of taste. Plunge UK’s top Casino arena that is packed with some mesmeric online bingo games. Ready to have some gamesome springs and frolics? Have a ball!