Bingo VIP Packages

Bingo VIP packages

Attracting new players is absolutely essential for bingo and casino operators. Those that fail to entice don’t last terribly long. This is why the iGaming sector is bursting at the seams with sign-up bonuses, multiple-tier welcome promotions and bonus spin extravaganzas. Rewarding loyalty is pretty important too. Indeed, any bingo specialist worth a hill of beans will ensure its regular customers are treated well. With this mind, here’s a run-down of the most common loyalty schemes found within the online bingo vertical.

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Loyalty Point Packages

These are by far the most common schemes available to high-depositors. They tend to reward players with points according to the amount of real cash they spend on-site. For example, you might be given 20 loyalty points for making a £20 deposit. Or they may be awarded if you play a specific game or refer a friend. These points can usually be redeemed for additional promotions like bonus spins or cash-back.

Tiered Point Schemes

As with many online casinos, loyalty point promotions are often organised into levels or tiers. Progression tends to be based on the amount you’ve spent at any give website. Often, the further you go, the more generous the perks as is the case with the Rewards Ahoy loyalty scheme at the Sailor Bingo online site. However, this isn’t always the case, especially with sub-par websites. Nevertheless, most of the best point-based schemes actually feature prizes that are worthwhile such as access to VIP-only bingo rooms and redeposit bonuses.

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Although not that common among online bingo sites, there are a few that add gamification elements to their points-based packages. In other words, they incorporate elements from video gaming in an effort to make your sustained and repeated deposits part of a wider ‘adventure’. Many fall flat, a few actually work. The whole idea is of course to incentivise play. This is done by offering things such as trophy collection, tournaments and challenges. Some require you to perform certain on-site tasks such as registering payment details or depositing a certain amount. Casumo was one of the first casino operators to take this approach to great effect.

Loyalty Point Redemption Rates

Should you come across a points-based bingo loyalty scheme, this is one of the first things you should look out for. Obviously, if you want to redeem points, you’ll need to have accumulated a certain amount beforehand. However, some of the rates are laughably spiteful – usually a sign that you should hit the back button. Certain online bingo sites improve their redemption rates as you ascend through the various levels.

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Multiple VIP Packages

A few bingo websites run different VIP packages in order to incentivise play for everybody while also targeting higher-spending players. Other sites will offer networked and exclusive VIP packages.

Invite-Only VIP Packages Invite only VIP packages are very common with invitations reserved for players who visit regularly. Operators are constantly monitoring their players’ accounts (well the good ones do anyway) to see who qualifies. Typically, those who spend inordinate amounts of money are more likely to receive a VIP email.