Single Line vs. Multi-Line Slot Machines

The slot machines are a rather popular choice among those who enjoy playing online casino games. They’re full of different symbols, sparkling lights and are specially designed to offer the player a lot of entertainment. The popularity of slot machines has been on the rise ever since progressive jackpots have become increasingly popular among players – the more the players, the bigger the final reward!

However, if you’re only a beginner, understanding and choosing what type of a slot machine you’re going to play can be overwhelming, to say the least. Understanding the basic types and how they work is crucial so you won’t be losing any money.

To start with, the payline is the line on which you win a payout when you hit the winning combination. Depending on how the pay lines are formed, there are two types of slot machines: single line slot machines and multi-line slot machines.

The single line slot machines are one of the oldest casino games which were extremely popular in land based casinos. The slot machine has three reels and each reel is marked with different symbols. Fruit, such as cherries, oranges or melons, is one of the most often used symbols on the single line slot machines but you could also come across numbers or playing card symbols. No matter the symbols, there is only one payline here, meaning that you win only if the three reels form a winning combination.

A more exciting choice for slot machine fans are the multi-line slot machines, which differ from the single lines in the way that these have multiple paylines. The paylines can spread in different direction, depending on the layout and the number of the reels. Having multiple paylines means that the game will become much more exciting since you get more opportunities to pick a winning combination. Some slot machines have you bet on all the paylines in order to start the game, while on others you could play with only a few paylines chosen.

Normally, a multi-line slot machine can have anywhere from 2 up to 100 paylines, with the most common ones having 3, 5, 9 or 25 paylines. In case you’re worried about remembering all of the paylines, do know that each payline is conveniently marked with a black line going through the numbers so you won’t miss it.

Before settling for a favorite kind, make sure to try out both and decide for yourself which one you enjoy more!