UEFA Champions League Betting Strategy

Undoubtedly the Champions League is the leading continental competition in Europe, as it can only be compared with the World Cup and the Euro Championship in glamor. The top European teams are taking part in the Champions League draw every year much to the delight of football fans across the globe. Many punters enjoying betting on the UCL prefer due to the many goals and over the season there are many opportunities. Let’s see in detail below how the smart player should bet at every stage of the competition.

What separates Champions League betting from other competitions

The biggest difference when it comes to champions league betting over other competitions, such as the Europa league, is the capacity of the teams and how well educated the bookmakers are to their strengths and weaknesses. The teams that participate every year, with teams with huge history and fans around the world, such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus.

Especially as the cup progresses, the spectacle becomes even more striking when one considers that teams with insane budgets and world-star players are pitted against each other. The truth is, of course, that a seemingly underrated outsider can go a long way, but there are no guarantees for upsets similar to last year’s Ajax incredible youth team. At the same time, some teams have traditionally booked the knockout stages, with teams such as Real Madrid, Bayern and Barcelona having made consecutive appearances in the ’16 phase.

In addition, the European champions have traditionally come from Spain, England and Italy, as teams from these three countries have won the trophy a total of 43 times in a total of 64 finals! It is indicative that in the last 15 finals, that the only team that was not from Spain, England or Italy was Bayern Munich who beat Borussia Dortmund in the 12/13 season.

Ante/Post Champions League Betting – Where to bet on

In champions league betting, we can find a variety of long-term betting options. From champions league qualifiers, league championships, up to the odds for winning the Champions League. In addition, you can bet on the top scorer and the MVP of the competition, as well as which teams will qualify for the knockout phase.

Our advice is, after first studying and being informed of the teams in each group, to select those teams that can reach the quarter-finals or even the semi-finals of the cup. You can certainly find high returns in this market, with the cash out always being a viable alternative if you so desire.

English and Spanish teams having been the most successful clubs in terms of conquests during the past years. They have won three of the most recent Champions League competitions with the cup heading three times in English and seven in Spanish hands respectively. Therefore, it is worth betting on the nationality of the team that will lift the cup, as if you buy both these options you will still have a profit, regardless of the club.

Winning strategy for UEFA Champions League

There are, of course, the main bets on pre-match and live betting. Here the location plays a very important role as well as the form of the teams, the absences and the motivation of each side. Below, we will analyze how you should proceed in Champions League betting, depending on the stage in which the competition is.

Champions League Qualifying stage

The Champions League qualifiers can give you great opportunities for profit. Since they are normally conducted in the summer, many teams are still in preparation, while others have already begun playing for their leagues. Therefore, the safest betting option, that comes with an added value, is to buy special bets on selections such as both teams to score or Over 2.5.

At the same time, let’s not forget that many times theoretical favorites can find themselves in a bad day and perform poorly against an “unknown” opponent, ultimately encountering defeat. A lot of attention is required in the Champions League qualifiers, but with the right analysis and the right forecasts you can go to the cash register.

UCL Groups

Things take a different shape here, as the 32 best European teams of the year participate. With the new system the teams are sharing, we are seeing fiercer competition and more possible big-money duels. The so-called favorites are unlikely to let the first fixtures go astray, wanting to secure the qualification case as early as possible. A special betting value in the league championships is betting on the last two matches.

Here, the motivation of the teams is more or less clear, so we know which clubs are looking to qualify and which are indifferent. This usually results in the motivated teams fielding a strong line up, while indifferent teams will rotate and add some reserve players into the mix. At the same time, teams that go for an attacking approach, such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, are good options for choosing the Over and Goal markets even in their away matches.

Knock-out stages

In the knockout stage things get serious. Now the top 16 teams (and later the “8”) of the competition draw their “swords” in order to get to the end of the road. It’s no exaggeration to say that the real Champions League starts here, as very often the results are full of excitement.

But now the feasibility of the game has come into play, which is why knockout phase games have traditionally been low scoring and usually teams try to take advantage of their opponents mistakes. In such cases it is worth betting on markets such as ‘more goals in the second half, as teams at this level have great players in their ranks who can change the course of a game with individual action, let alone when chasing the score.

UEFA Champions League Semi Finals

A breath before the grand finale, one step before they make history, the four finalists will now claim the trophy. Let’s be honest, in these cases everything is open. There is always a favorite in a duel, but when talking about the semifinals we have to take into account many other factors as well. For example, the competitive situation of the teams, but also the “thirst” and the climate around them. Quite a few times seemingly weak teams (if we can say this at this stage of the competition) have shown great mental reserves and against the predictions managed to get a ticket for the final.

Champions League Final

And we get to the big moment that the whole football planet is waiting for. In the Champions League final!

This is a match open to any prediction, as both finalists have reached the end of the track, will do their best to conquer the trophy and write their name in the history of the competition. The truth is that in such games it sometimes best to skip placing a wager and  enjoy betting without adding any stress due to betting.

However, if you want to make it to the Champions League final, what we recommend is the selection of most goals in the second half. Especially if one team is ahead in the first half, it is assumed that in the second half, the other team will try to equalize the game, so the pace of the match will open. Finally another good option to choose from is both teams to score, with eight of the last nine finals having seen both teams scoring at least once.