Beginners Guide to Football Betting

An introduction to football betting

Football Betting can be very exciting, especially when there is a major game on, or  a game where there are two teams that have an intense rivalry. The various football bets, however, can be  a little difficult to understand, and in this article we hope to demystify the process of laying  a bet on a football match. With so many different variables in a match, including substitutions and fouls, as well as the line up the manager sends out to play, it is important that you try and keep your first run of betting quite simple and make sure you only bet with sites licensed by the uk gambling commission.

Beginners Guide to Football Betting

Match Betting

This is the simplest kind of football betting and involves you placing  a bet on either a team to win (quite a simple choice when you consider there are only two) or for a draw to take place. It used to be the case that match betting stopped once the starting whistle was blown, but now bookies are able to offer in-play betting to make the betting experience even more exciting.

Both Teams to score

This type of bet has become very popular in recent years because it makes more sense financially. Betting on both teams to score a goal is not that out of reach when it comes to possibilities, and you can have a wide range of options here in the number of goals.

Both teams to score and win

This is a huge bet, especially for beginners, but it can pay off tremendously. The idea is that you place a bet here on a team to win and also that both teams enter a score on their card during the match. It is extremely popular, and is a very popular bet indeed if two high quality teams are playing with tops scorers involved on both sides.

First Goalscorer

This has become popular too in recent years, It is actually very risky because it is impossible to say with any certainty that someone will be first to score. However, it becomes popular when big teams have a good run in a  season, and their top scorers in particular are playing well. Most of the time it is a difficult bet to make money on, but that doesn’t stop it being popular.

Anytime goalscorer

An interesting spin on first to score, this one simply makes it possible to make money if the person you pick scores a goal at some point in the match. This could be in the very last minute of the match or the 23rd minute. If he scores, you will win.

Correct score

This does pay out pretty well but is very risky because it is hard to call the score of a game with any accuracy due to the number of variables involved. However, it is popular if the teams involved are closely matched and scoring is likely to be very low.

Football betting is tremendous fun. If you are starting out, go for the easy bets such as both teams to score.